Ceiling Clouds Reduce Room Noise


Sound panels that float mechanically from a ceiling are called Ceiling Clouds.   In a room filled with excessive noise, these Ceiling Clouds are designed to capture the unwelcome echoes within the room, which in turn lowers the level of ambient background noise.   Those who target a Ceiling Cloud soundproofing treatment will enjoy the beauty the sound panel provide, as well as the premium sound quality that is restored to their perimeter space.

Ceiling Clouds are the ideal sound panel treatment in rooms where the walls are to be left alone.   Sound panels can be placed anywhere within a noise infested space to curb background noise, location is regardless as long as quantities are accurate based on the size, shape and surface textures of the room.   Ceiling Clouds are class A fire rated, portable, durable, easy to self install and offer a variety of color options.   They can hang as tight to the ceiling as you want, or suspend down as you wish like pendant lighting.   A standard treatment will cover on average about 25% of your overall ceiling space.   Note that 75% of your ceiling is left as is, while the sound values in your space optimize.

Ceiling Clouds are a popular sound panel treatment in a variety of settings, including restaurants, cafeterias, fellowship halls, theaters, offices, show rooms and more.    Note also that the panels can upgrade to receive digital printing for graphics, logos, images, fine art and more.   Clients often use their sound panel treatments to brand their space using this state-of-the-art dye sublimation technique for custom printing onto the face of a Ceiling Cloud treatment.   This means also, that clients are able to color match their panels to their existing ceiling color to disguise their sound panel installation.

For more questions on a soundproofing treatment in your space using Ceiling Clouds, contact NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit us online at www.controlnoise.com.

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