1 Tip for Soundproofing a Call Center


Open air telemarketing office space can yield excessive noise levels from multiple operators speaking on the phones at the same time.   As their voices carry throughout the room, communication signals become blurred.  Employee effectiveness collapses as stress increases, producing turnover, absenteeism and a collapse in sales volume or customer care.   The answer to this acoustic nightmare is simple.

The unwelcome noise spikes in the room are caused by echoes that reflect throughout the space.   Sound panels can be introduced into the room to collapse these echoes back to manageable levels, restoring the room to good quality sound.   As the background noise lowers, greater clarity to original sound is restored, producing a more positive work environment for the phone operators.   Sound panels come in many forms, which might include acoustic foam or cloth wrapped sound boards.    Sound panels can be wall mounted around the rooms perimeter, or suspended as a Ceiling Cloud from the ceiling in rows and columns.   Acoustic panels can also be custom cut to inset into each work station location, and be upgraded to FabricTack Panels which serve as a tackable bulletin board.

The one tip?   Get the quantities right.   It is not enough to place a panel or two by your loudest telemarketer, nor is it required that 100% of a ceiling or perimeter wall surface be covered with your selection of a sound panel system.   A simple Room Analysis can be performed by NetWell Noise Control to determine the overall quantity you should be introducing into your space based on its size, shape and surface textures.   Simply call NetWell’s help desk at 1-800-638-9355 for your free calculation.

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