How To Lower Machine Noise


Loud factories filled with noisy industrial machines can expose employees to excessive noise levels that stretch beyond OSHA standards.   Any factory that produces time weighted noise levels above 85 decibels across an 8 hour work period is in violation of environmental and safety standards.   Steps can be taken to mitigate the noise and better protect the employees from this exposure.

A popular technique for lowering industrial noise is to wrap the noise source with an industrial blanket.  Sound control blankets can be used to effectively isolate the noise and prevent the energy from becoming airborne.  The blankets can be wrapped direct to a machine, in the form of a SoundScreen, or they can be suspended from a floor mounted frame around a noise source, like a shower curtain, to effectively isolate the noise to a contained area.   QBS Blankets offered at NetWell Noise Control can be custom cut to match the cavity size of any industrial sound barrier blanket project.   They are class A fire rated, and can trigger average 12-18 dB drops in exposure.

Sound curtains can also be suspended against common walls to deaden sound bleed, or they can be hung from the ceiling to create an inplant environment where nearby employees are isolated from machine noise.  For more information on how QBS sound barrier blankets can be a benefit to your noise exposure issues, contact NetWell’s help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at

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