The Best Acoustic Foam Panel


Acoustic foam panels are used to absorb sound wave reflections, clear out Acoustic foam panels are used to absorb sound wave reflections, clear out echo, produce greater clarity to original sound, and lower decibel levels.   Acoustic foam sound panels are the most popular choice for wall or ceiling mounted soundproofing treatments in radio stations, recording studios, drum booths, voice over booths, rehearsal space and more.   The question is, which acoustic foam panel is the best for absorbing sound?

The answer?  Melamine foam panels.   These are class A fire rated sound panels, which means they can be placed into schools, churches, hospitals, shopping malls, music stores and a host of other public venues.   Most foams you see on the market are not melamine foam.   If they have color to them, such as blue, beige, brown, red, orange, purple, etc…you can bet the foam is polyurethane, it is not class A fire rated, and should not be placed into public venues.   Melamine foam is light gray or white in color, so before you buy, give the foam panels the color check.

In addition to the fire rating, melamine foam panels come in a variety of thicknesses.   The thicker panels attack more low base frequency noise than thinner panels.   If your room hosts musical instruments, get thicker panels.  If your room hosts human voice only, get thinner panels.   Panel thickness, however, does not impact quantities required for your soundproofing treatment.   Some websites tell you that thicker panels means you don’t have to buy as many, but that is simply not true.   Coverage and panel thickness or separate issues.

While the thicker melamine foam panels absorb more low frequency noise than do thinner panels, the key to the success of your treatment is about coverage.   You do not want to under treat your space.  A free Room Analysis can be run based on your room’s dimensions, to help determine the amount of material that would be required to trigger premium quality sound.   For more information on your melamine foam panel project, call NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at

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