Natatorium Noise Control Tip

Most every indoor swimming pool is built with perimeter concrete floors, concrete walls, concrete ceilings, or similar surfaces designed to repel moisture.   These hard reflective surfaces absorb on average less than 3% of the echoes in the space.   This renders most every natatorium with unfavorable acoustics.  To make a natatorium more user friendly, sound panels can be installed to effectively capture up to 80% of the same echo and dramatically improve the acoustics within the space.

The key to the success of the soundproofing treatment is targeting the right product, and then the right amount of that product to produce the sound values you are after.  For any natatorium treatment, the product has to be class A fire rated and waterproof.   Introducing the VET Baffle.   These are PVC wrapped sound panels that can be wall or ceiling suspended to intercept the echoes, capture and convert them out of the space, and combine to solve the sound problems in any natatorium setting.

The VET Baffles can be cut to custom size and wrapped in your selection of 25 different colors.   A free Room Analysis supplied by NetWell Noise Control can help you determine the quantities required in order to trigger the intended sound effects.   Why live with a noisy natatorium?   Make your space more user friendly.  Call NetWell’s help line at 1-800-638-9355 today.




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