Acoustic Art Panels

For many years the idea of placing wall or ceiling mounted sound panels in upscale commercial spaces would be frowned upon.   We’ve all been in beautiful restaurants filled with excessive noise, but that noise was not discovered until AFTER the architect designed the space for beauty and functionality.   Placing generic cloth colored sound panels into the space to control echoes would corrupt the design, spoil the atmosphere, so live with the noise.

But not anymore.   In today’s world, thanks to a printing process called Dye Sublimation, sound panels can now be wrapped in images, graphics, logos, custom wallpaper patterns, custom paint match and more.   Single image panels or large expansive murals can now celebrate the design of a space and simultaneously remove the excessive echoes from the room.    Today’s sound panels have now made art functional.  Imagine that same loud restaurant now decorated with panels that produce a visual WOW factor, pleasing both the eye and the ear.

Leading the way with this artistic technology is a Minneapolis based firm calledNetWell Noise Control.   For nearly 25 years, this sound panel company has been designing treatments for tens of thousands of spaces, and today, the design element is limitless.   For more information on how you can introduce your own custom imaged sound panels into your space, call NetWell at 1-800-638-9355 or visit us online at

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