Class A Fire Rated Acoustic Foam

Acoustic foam is a popular sound panel designed for absorbing echoes in spaces that command greater premium sound quality.   From recording studios to drum booths, from office cubicles to factories, sound panels made of foam are a popular and affordable method for controlling noise.

Chief among the concerns of acoustic foam is the fire rating assigned to the material.   While foam panels made of polyurethane foam do indeed burn when exposed to high heat or open flames, care should be given when specifying foam for any one project.   Where high temperature or open flames do exist, the upgrade is to melamine foam, which is heat resistant to hearly 500 degrees fahrenheit.   Melamine foam is also the foam of choice when used in public buildings, where a Class A fire rating is mandatory.

FireFlex is a popular Class A fire rated foam panel.   It is cut to a 2’x4′ dimension and shipped in boxes to your project site.   If you are seeking a class A fire rated foam panel for your acoustic project, the FireFlex panels are the ideal treatment.   Available online at or by calling NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355.

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