Tips for Kennel Soundproofing

Loud barking dogs in a kennel atmosphere make for an uncomfortable work environment, an unpleasant customer visit, and discomfort to the dogs themselves as they are kenneled.   The surfaces in a kennel are hard and reflective, rendering severe echoes and spiking the exposure to the unwelcome noise.   Kennel owners are often left wondering what options are available to them to alleviate the noise.   The answer lies in a set of sound panels.

Sound panels can be surface mounted within the kennel, wall or ceiling mounted, to capture the excessive echoes and reduce their impact on the room.   While concrete and metal absorb 3% of the noise in the room, sound panels can absorb up to 80%.   This will force a dramatic collapse in exposure levels, making it more comfortable for staff, customers, and the dogs.

Acoustic VET Baffles are available at NetWell Noise Control.   These are waterproof, fire rated sound baffles that simply hang from the ceiling in the kennel, or against the perimeter walls.   They come in 25 colors, are easy to self install, and will combine to produce the intended soundproofing effects.   The key to the success of the treatment is to have a Room Analysis performed so that the right amount of material can be calculated for installation based on the size of the room.

For more information on the VET Baffles, call NetWell at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at

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