Best Product for Enclosure Lining

Got a stationary noise source that emits too much noise?   Need protection from the noise?  Whether commercial, residential, or industrial, the product remains the same.   For noise sources that are enclosed, such as an engine or a pump, from an aquarium tank to a boat engine, a simple sound panel called an FBF1M panel is available in 4’x4′ sheets.   Take a box cutter, cut this sound panel to match the cavity size of the walls of your enclosure, and glue it into place.  The result?  Up to 80-90% of your noise transmission can be shut down by the panel.   It is an amazing material, and available at Netwell Noise Control.

For more infomraiton on the FBF1M Sound Panels, or for help resolving your noise issues, call ouir help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or visit us online

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