Carpet Wallcovering Controlling Echo

As you enter your favorite movie theater, notice the side walls as you walk to your seat.   Chances are good that you’ll see a thin ribbed carpet type material there, color selected to match the decor of the space.   This material is actually an acoustic wall covering, designed to absorb the echoes and produce premium quality sound for your movie enjoyment.

This material at NetWell Noise Control is called Whisperib Wallcovering.   It is a thin ribbed carpet style material that adheres to a wall surface, for the purposes of improving a rooms acoustics.  Available in 32 colors, and shipped by the bolt (54″ wide x 24 linear yards), this is a popular soundproofing material for a variety of commercial and/or residential applications.

For more information on the Whisperib, click online to or call their help desk at 1-800-638-9355.

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