Sound Panel Ceiling Clouds Control Noise

As crowds gather in social halls, entertainment venues, cafeterias, restaurants, fellowship halls and other similar public venues, noise builds as echoes carry, rendering the room unfriendly.  People begin to elevate their conversations up and over the background noise, which further adds to the blurred sound signals and confusion.   For any room not properly treated for premium sound quality, the room’s usefulness erodes.

Ceiling Mounted Sound Panels by NetWell Noise ControlA popular soundproofing treatment for this type of public venue is to “float” a series of sound panels from the ceiling.  These sound panels are called Ceiling Clouds, and are cut to the cavity size the client asks for and wrapped in over 60 colors.   These sound panels combine to capture the echoes in the room, and remove up to 80% of the unwanted sound wave reverberations.   They are portable, easy to self install, class A fire rated, decorative, durable and allow you to keep your walls as they are.

The result?  As the background noise in the room collapses back, greater clarity to original sound is restored.   This allows the people in the room to converse in normal conversational tones, as the echoes are gone.   A simple, elegant means by which to both control noise and add beauty to the skyline of the room.

The key to the success of a Ceiling Cloud treatment is to ensure that you do not under treat the space.   Based on the rooms size, shape and surface textures, NetWell Noise Control is able to perform a quick and easy Room Analysis for free to help define your soundproofing treatment.   You can reach them online or by phone to 1-800-638-9355.

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