1 Tip for Controlling Noise

There is a plethera of soundproofing products available on the internet, with dozens of suppliers wanting your business.   The key to the success of your treatment comes with understanding which product best suits your particular needs, and then how much of that product is required to produce the intended sound effects.  Within the product selection phase, sound panel thickness plays a key role in ensuring you trigger the collapse in noise you are seeking.

Wnile sound panels serve to absorb echoes in a room, panel thickness can decay your values if you select the wrong depth.  It is the frequency of the noise source that will determine your panel thickness.   For mid to high pitch noise, the sound waves are easier to absorb.   As you see in this graphic, mid to high ptich sounds will deliver more frequent amplitudes, while lower pitched sounds have longer, flatter sound waves.   As a  result, thicker panels are needed if the sounds are low base tones.

So while choosing your product thickness, pay attention to the frequency of your noise.   Do not scale back on panel thickness to save on cost, if your noise is low base.   You would be throwing good money away and not delivering value back.   For help in choosing your panel thickness, call NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit us online at www.controlnoise.om

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