Soundproofing an Auditorium

Auditoriums are built fan shaped by design, with angled ceilings and sloping floors that lead to a center stage.   The angled surfaces in the room are designed to break standing sound waves, scattering them into mulitiple directions with the intention of more evenly spreading premium sound quality to every seat in the auditorium.

In comparison, a standard gymnasium is shoe box shaped, which can yield standing sound waves, which are waves that reflect upon the same path over and over again, creating “live” and “dead” spots in the room. Soundproofing an Auditorium aims to deliver equal sound no matter where one is seated.   In addition to the even distribution of the sound wave, the complimentary goal is to also generate greater “clarity” to the sound produced on stage.  Clarity is derived from the collapse of existing background noise.   By capturing and converting unwanted reverberations from the space, the background noise collapses, delivering premium clarity to the original sound.  Whether that sound is human voice or music, a properly treated auditorium for acoustics will have sound panels anchored around the perimeter of the space.

Fabric Panels are the most popular of the sound panel options, as they are decorative, durable, class A fire rated, and easily surface mounted to walls, stage backdrops, ceilings and more.   For further information on a set of these Fabric Panels for your auditorium, call the help desk atNetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355.

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