Sound Insulation for Black Metal Deck Ceilings

Many restaurant chains in strip malls keep the exposed metal deck open look to their space, and then paint the metal deck black.   Metal is highly reflective and produces unwelcome echoes for the customers, so NetWell Noise Control of Mpls, MN offers a unique soundproofing insulation that can affix to the decking to curb excessive noise, and the material is also black.

SelectSound Absorbs Echo

SelectSound is the ideal sound absorbing material for noise reduction in spaces with a black metal deck ceiling.   The material is 2″ thick, shipped to the project site in 60′ rolls, and cut into manageable sections that are evenly glued/tacked to the ceiling.  As the noise in the room begins to reflect, SelectSound serves to capture the echoes, while it blends visually unnoticed into the black decking.

For more information on SelectSound for your soundproofing project, call NetWell’s help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at

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