Recording Studio Sound Panels #1 Tip

Recording Studios depend on premium sound quality, which includes the control of unwelcome background noise within a live room.   But also the control room, voice over booth, hallway, reception area, mixing room and other spaces require quality acoustics.   The soundproofing treatment for a recording studio starts with sound isolation from room to room, and then targets the reduction of unwelcome sound wave reflections within each of these rooms.

In today’s market, there is (1) popular sound panel treatment for each room in a recording studio.   Thanks to a printing procedure called Dye Sublimation, large sound panel murals can be anchored to perimeter walls or ceilings within a music studio space.   These panels combine to produce the sound values a top recording studio commands, but also produces a visual presentation to the space that becomes a feast for the eyes.  The WOW factor.   Recording artists, graphics, images, vintage images, logos and more can now be printed onto the face of these sound panel systems.   Sound panels that double as art allow the music studio to brand its space for both visual beauty and premium quality sound.

For more information on treating your recording studio for sound control with sound panel murals, call NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at

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