#1 Secret for Hanging Sound Baffles

Metal Deck Ceilings Produce Echoes and Spike Noise Levels

Any noise infested space with poor room acoustics, which has an open metal deck ceiling with exposed joists, can easily be treated for sound control.   Metal deck ceilings are highly reflective, producing unwelcome levels of background noise, spiking decibel levels, and making the room less user friendly.   By simply placing sound panels in the ceiling, these echoes can be caught and captured.   A metal deck without the treatment will reflect up to 97% of the noise bounce, while a metal deck that has been treated with sound panels, can reflect as little as just 20% of the same sound.

The ideal sound panel for an open metal deck ceiling is a vertically suspended set of sound baffles.   While there are a variety of sound baffles on the market, the most cost effective and affordable is a product called a VET Baffle.   These are fiberglass baffles encapsulated in a PVC skin, class A fire rated, available in 25 colors, waterproof, portable, and easy to install.   VET Baffles are hung like dominoes, in rows and columns, tucked up inside the rows of joists, evenly spread out as best you can.   The key to the success of your treatment lies not in the placement of the sound baffles, but in the quantities being introduced into the room based on the size, shape and surface textures prior to the treatment.   A Room Analysis can be performed by NetWell Noise Control to determine your baffle count.

For more infomration on placing sound baffles into your gym, your restaurant, your factory, your office space, or any other commercial or industrial setting with an exposed joist metal roof deck, contact NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at www.controlnoise.com.

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