#1 Mistake With Acoustic Foam Panels

We constantly remind our clients that acoustic foam panels absorb echo, but they don’t block noise.   For clients seeking to isolate a noise source, foam is NOT the answer.   Foam protects the people inside the same room the noise is generated from, by collecting echoes and converting them out of the room.   Foam makes it less loud inside the same room the noise is sourced from.

For isolating one rooms noise to the next, foam is replaced with sound barrier products.   Mass loaded vinyl is used to create a variety of products that “block” noise rather than “absorb” echo.   Case in point is the popular sound barrier curtains, including the QBS blanket shown here.   By hanging this vertically from a frame, or the ceiling, or against a common wall, noise is blocked.

Be sure you know the difference between absorbing echo and blocking original sound before you order your acoustic material.  For questions, call the help desk at NetWell Noise Control.  1.800.638.9355.  Or visit them online at www.controlnoise.com.

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