How to Beat Computer Rack Noise

Computer racks are notorious for emitting unwelcome noise in work environments that can have an adverse affect on worker productivity.   The key to controlling the level of noise bleeding into adjoining spaces is to section the computer rack off from the rest of the room, or the dividing common walls.   The simple, easy method of controlling this level of noise exposure depends on your starting point.

If your walls are bleeding noise from the computer rack room to an adjoining room through a common wall, simply hang a set of sound barrier curtains against the wall to isolate the noise and combat the bleed to the adjoining space.   See QBS Blankets.

If your computer rack shares the same room with workers, take the same sound barrier curtains and free stand them out infront of the rack to block directional noise and protect the worker’s environment.   In this case, add sound foam panels to the back wall behind  the rack to further mitigate echo.

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