The Secret to Blocking Drain Pipe Noise

We all know what that sounds like, the trickle of water down through the pipes in our walls, from showers, sinks, toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines.    As the water passes through the pipes, noise emanates out into the open space of your room.   Can anything be done to block this noise?   Yes.   A simple sound barrier material called NetLag can be wrapped like a candy cane around the pipe to jacket the noise and block the sound from emanating out into your room.   If you don’t have access to your pipes, you can either open up the sheetrock, wrap and replace the sheetrock, or you can anchor a layer of dB-Bloc to your existing wall and drywall over it.   In either case, the “density” of the treatment will combine to help deliver a more sound isolated plumbing fixture!

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