What is a Sound Panel?

Sound Panels Absorb Echoes to Reduce Noise

The term “sound panel” is generic, and can refer to a variety of different types of panels designed to capture echoes.   Sound panels are made of either foam or compressed fiberglass.  Foam panels are filled with tiny pores that accept sound waves, while fiberglass panels are filled with tiny fibers that also capture the sound wave.   With either panel, it is friction that occurs when the sound wave enters the panel system.   The pores, or the fibers, will begin to vibrate against one another as the sound wave enters into the material.  As a result, a mild form of heat is produced, caused by this friction.   Thus the sound wave energy is converted to kinetic energy, and only a portion of the sound wave that “enters” the sound panel will actually survive and reflect its way back “out” of the panel.    With the physics that take place, panel systems are wall or ceiling mounted in a loud room to soften echoes, reduce background noise, lower sound wave reflections, and deliver greater clarity to the original sound produced in the room.   From loud restaurants to recording studios, home theaters to gymnasiums, conference rooms to classrooms, sound panels serve as a key tool in generating more favorable listening environments.   For more information on sound panels, call NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at www.controlnoise.com


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