Do Sound Panels Block Noise?

One of the most mis-understood aspects of the soundproofing business is clients that call asking for sound panel treatments to help block noise bleeding from one room to the next.   The reality is, sound panels do not block noise.   Sound panels absorb echoes.   Sound panels will produce lower background noise within the same room the noise is generated in (like a loud restaurant), but sound panels do NOT block noise from bleeding to the next room over.   Think of a flood.  Sponges won’t block noise, but sand bags will, right?   Well the same holds true when blocking sound waves.   Sound panels are sponges.   To properly block noise from bleeding to the adjoining space, there are “barrier” treatments featuring a product called dB-Bloc that are designed to block noise.  So yes, it can be done!  But no, not with sound panels!   Call for help to NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at!

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