How to Lower Cafeteria Noise

Control Cafeteria Noise with NetWell Sound Panels

Loud cafeterias are filled with loud kids.   While there is no remedy to lowering the noise any one child puts out, the noise in the room can certainly be better controlled.   Lowering noise levels in a cafeteria is all about controlling the ambient echoes in the room.   As the kids produce noise, their voices reflect off perimeter wall surfaces, and redirect back into the room.   As these echoes continue, background noise combines to heighten the overall noise levels in the room.   The answer?   Simply anchor a set of sound panels to the perimeter walls, and/or ceiling, within the cafeteria.  By doing so, the panels are able to capture up to 80% of the unwelcome echoes in the room, which produces a dramatic before / after difference in perceived noise levels.

A simple Room Analysis can be performed to help calculate how much square footage would be required to produce the intended effect.   Based on a rooms size, shape and surface textures, accurate sound panel totals can be forecast for your treatment, quoted, and delivered to your project site within 4 weeks.   For wall or ceiling applications, either treatment will produce comparable sound values.

For more information on treating your cafeteria for noise control, call NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at

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