Solving Noise & Saving Money

Got Noise?   Solve it & Save.

Rooms that fill with excessive echoes include restaurants, gymnasium, sanctuaries, fellowship halls, daycare centers, cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, offices, conference rooms, band rooms, and more.   The echoes from noise reflecting off perimeter surfaces in the room combine to build unwelcome levels of background noise.   As a result, the room is unfriendly, and often times un-useable.   To offset the echoes, and return the room to premium sound quality, a set of sound panels can be surface mounted within the room.   These panels will capture and convert the echoes out of the space, delivering premium sound back to the room.

To save money on your project, there are simple steps that you can take.   First, don’t buy more material than you need to produce the sound values your room deserves.   A simple Room Analysis can be performed to help equate the number of panels you would need based on your rooms size, shape and surface textures.   Second, don’t pay for installation, sound panels are easily self installed by building maintenance, volunteers or general trade contractors.  And third, don’t pay for consulting.  The Room Analysis is a simple means by which the right prescription for your treatment can be defined.   Sound panel treatments are easily repiclated over and over again per application, with the quantities tailored around the size of the room.   You do not need onsite help to measure your room.  Save on the consulting fees, trust the type of Room Analysis performed by a company such as NetWell Noise Control.   They have 25 years of producing premium quality sound, simply tap into their track record, and accept their complimentary advice.   For more information on solving your noise issues, visit NetWell online at or call them at 1-800-638-9355.

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