Onsite Acoustical Consulting

Controlling noise levels within a room does NOT require onsite experts in the field of soundproofing.   The mere size, shape and surface textures that make up the room can easily help calculate for the trained expert what is called a Sabin count.   Yes, that’s a technical term, but not to worry.   It’s measuring the level of absorption taking place in the space, and defining the level of additional absorption that the space needs in order to collapse your background noise back to more comfortable levels.   95% of all acoustical projects are dealing with nothing more than nuisance noise, and this process can easily define both the starting point and the treatment.   The net goal:  deliver a room back with echoes that collapse within 2 seconds.   An earlier post here defines a properly “tuned” room as echoes that collapse within that time frame.

If your noise issue has litigation potential, however, then the treatment stretches beyond just handling nuisance noise.   It is that time where it is recommended to bring an onsite consultant into your equation, and document both your starting point, the treatment, and the result of the treatment.   Onsite consultants that also sell product, that also sell the installation, and deliver a full turnkey program, can potentially triple your project cost.   So word to the wise!

Call for help to 1-800-638-9355 or visit NetWell Noise Control online at www.controlnoise.com.

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