Blocking Common Wall Noise

Use dB-Bloc to combat noise bleed through your walls

The studs in your wall are the equal to a string pulled tight between two coffee cans.   Vibrations will carry through the studs to the adjoining room and deliver air born noise.  To properly combat sound bleed through your wall, you have two goals.  First, add density to the wall, this will impede vibration.  Much like placing the flat of your hand against a wine glass, guitar string or tuning fork.   If the object can’t vibrate, it won’t produce sound.   And second, disconnect (cut the string) the wall assembly to force the collapse of the vibration.   This combination can effectively collapse up to 90% of your noise bleeding through your wall.

dB-Bloc is sold in 54″ x 30′ rolls

The density comes in the form of dB-BLoc.   The disconnection is a simple building technique for any wall, new build or existing.   The treatment is outlined online at   For more help in answering your questions, call NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355.

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