Solving Gym Noise

Gymnasium’s are typically oversized shoe-box shaped rooms defined by hard reflective ceilings, floors and walls.   The result is a less than user-friendly space, as echoes carry throughout the room causing spikes in decibel levels and blurred sound signals that ruin the space and it’s ability to host functions.   The answer?   Slow the echoes down, and the room will restore to premium quality sound.

There are sound panels that can retrofit to existing walls or ceilings within the gym that can effectively capture the echoes and convert them out of the space.   The key to making it work is ensuring that you do not under treat the room.   There are ratios between the cubic footage of the gym and the square footage of sound panel the room requires to properly combat the noise issues.   For wall mount or ceiling suspended sound panel treatments for your gym, a free Room Analysis is available to help calculate your totals.   For more information on soundproofing your gym, call to NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at

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