Loud Cafeteria

Screaming kids?  Well, sound proofing treatments do not make the kids less loud, and don’t be told otherwise!   But there is good news…sound panel treatments WILL make your cafeteria less loud.   Sound panels, wall or ceiling mounted in your cafeteria, will combine to capture echoes.  In other words, the noise you experience in a loud cafeteria is a combination of the original sound of the kids, and the additional echoes banging off the perimeter surfaces in the room.   By anchoring a set of sound panels around the room, the echoes are caught and converted out of the space, lowering the level of energy reflecting back into the room.   So, yes, the kids will still be loud, but no, the room will not be.

For more information on how to control your cafeteria noise, call for a free Room Analysis by NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit us online at www.controlnoise.com.

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