Gym Panels Control Noise

Gymnasiums are typically large, over sized, shoe box shaped rooms composed of 3 sets of parallel surfaces.  As sound fills the cavity of the space, the noise generated is caused by the echoes reflecting off these surfaces.  To lower the noise levels within a gym, sound panels can be wall or ceiling mounted within the space designed to capture and convert the echoes, much like a sponge sapping up water.   The key to the success of soundproofing a gym lies in targeting the right quantities of the sound panels, ensuring that we do not under treat the space.   If you have a loud gym, there is a free Room Analysis performed by Netwell Noise Control that is designed to target the right quantities for you based on your gyms size, shape and surface textures.

For more information on solving your noise issues in a gym, or any other space, contact NetWell at 1-800-368-9355 or submit their Room Analysis worksheet online.

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