Web Surfing for Sound Proofing

Yes, your sound issues can be corrected by surfing the internet, sourcing a good acoustical firm, applying their knowledge, and self installing their products.   But NO!   Not if the wrong company is sourced, or the wrong product is targeted, or the wrong quantities are calculated, because in those cases, you would be throwing your sound values away in exchange for your money spent.   As in any other industry, buying online is all about buyer beware.

So how to select a good soundproofing company online?   Ask for references, ask how long the business has been in the sound proofing industry, and ask the sales person on the phone how long they have been with their company.    Those three answers alone will tell you if you are tapping into a quality firm, with good coaching skills, that can help direct you to the sound values you are seeking, get all your questions answered, work at your pace to address your acoustic issues, and have access to a broad line of products.

If a sound panel company has been around 25 years, they must be doing something right.   And 25 years ago, prior to the internet, those same sound panel projects were sourced through dealers, distributors, catalogs and postcard mailings.   Today, the web does the work for you, helping you sift through the options, and what you should pay attention to are those websites who coach you, not sell you products.   Seek your application, where your treatment is defined, and then leads you to products.  Do not go for the firms who list their products on the front page of their website, and expect you to just buy their products.

Questions?  Contact NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit them online at www.controlnoise.com.  We might be biased, but we will meet your needs, our track record is flawless, and we a 25 year track record of product positive, affordable results for our clients.

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