Sound Panel Thickness

The key to the success of a sound panel treatment lies in product selection first, and then ensuring that the room receives the proper amount of material.   If a client under treats their space, the sound values will collapse.   But if the client introduces the right amount of sound panels, the echoes collapse and the room is restored to premium sound quality.   Unless the wrong panel thickness is used.

Panel thickness targets the frequency of the noise source.   Thicker panels perform equal to thinner panels for mid to higher range frequency sounds.   But when the frequency dips down to the low base end, a thicker sound panel can produce 4X the level of echo control over a thinner panel.   Thicker sound panels do not mean a client can target fewer pieces, it means the client is targeting lower frequency noise.   If you have a base guitar, a drum, a music room, an industrial machine, orchestra, cello, tuba or other low frequency noise source, thicken up your sound panels!

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