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Clarity to the broadcast signal should be the goal for every amateur or professional podcaster.   The quality of the communication signal will make or break the success of the podcast.   For some, it’s a matter of just hooking up the microphone and recording into their Macbook or tablet.   But for those who take the time to study the art of the sound wave, they will better understand how background noise can run interference over the broadcast signal and compromise the value of the broadcast.

The key to the development of a successful broadcast signal is to control ambient levels of background noise in the podcast studio.   Background sounds will cause blurred sound signals, which in turn will cause a disruption to the quality of the podcast sound.   And when the quality of the sound decays, listeners drop off.

To properly affect the quality of your podcast signal, care should be given to the level of sound wave reflection inside the podcast room.   Hard reflective surfaces will bounce noise and disrupt your signals.   The goal would be to offset the impact of the echoes in the room by introducing a set of wall or ceiling mounted sound panels that can effectively capture the echoes and convert them out of the room. What remains is greater clarity to original sound with a collapse of up to 80% of the unwanted background noise.   Sound panels will help produce the premium sound quality that your podcast deserves.

There are a variety of sound panels on the market that can retrofit into your podcasting space.   The most common and easiest to order, ship and install would be the acoustic foam panels.   Melamine foam is the popular core foam product on the market these days as it is class A fire rated and approved for use in any commercial setting.   The foam panels are contoured…they have a sculpted design cut into the face of the panels to help in maximizing their ability to convert sound waves. Acoustic foam is simply pulled out of its shipping box, and glued up to perimeter wall or ceiling surfaces in the room.   Placement is regardless, so long as coverage amounts are appropriate.   Work with your sound consultant to determine the coverage amounts for your podcast studio based on room size.

The upgrade to the acoustic foam panel would be the cloth wrapped soundboards that are prevalent in most commercial settings these days.   Wrapped in dozens of color options, these Fabric Panels are cut up to 10’ tall and can actually carry your logo, graphics, images, and photography on the face of the panels.   These panels can also be placed as you wish, wall or ceiling mounted in the podcast studio, or suspended as “Clouds” off the ceiling to control the echoes in the space.

For more information on controlling the quality of your podcast signal, reach out to NetWell Noise Control for a free Room Analysis of your space.   Your podcasting success may depend on it!

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