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Thanks to recent upgrades in printing technology, a process using Dye Sublimation printing now lets our clients have their sound panels wrapped with images, graphics, murals, fine art, logos, vintage B&Ws, family portraits and more.   The printing technology allows for jpeg images to be enlarged, holding onto the vividness of the colors and the crispness of the files submitted.   This process opens an entire new world for NetWell Noise Control and our sound panel applications.

Restaurant owners, for example, will contest the concept of placing solid colored cloth wrapped panel systems in their seating areas, as the sound panels may compromise the design of the space.   Instead, the same sound panel system can now become the visual focal point to the room, with visual panel systems that match the decor, the design, the menus, the marketing literature, color codes and so on for the restaurant.  In other words, our clients now use our sound panels to BRAND their space for both visual beauty and acoustical excellence.

The same concept holds for casinos, offices, conference rooms, classrooms, studios, museums, fellowship halls, gymnasiums and more.   Anywhere there is signage on a wall, that same graphic can be reproduced onto the face of our sound panel systems.  Graphics become functional, art controls echo.   Clients can submit their own images, logos, graphics, or artwork, or select from an online library of images at Shutterstock.com.   We also offer a Art Gallery with 21 world class artists on standby to create a custom look just for your space.

One further advantage to this dye printing technology:  camouflage treatments.   Instead of wrapping panels in visual graphics or a predetermined cloth color, we can color paint match our panel systems to blend the panels into the perimeter wall or ceiling space unnoticed.  Another advantage to the high tech world of dye sublimation printing and our acoustic sound panel systems.

For further information on customizing your own sound panel system, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 or visit us online at www.controlnoise.com!

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