3 Tips for Buying Soundproofing Treatments Online

With the advent of the internet comes a flood of shoppers surfing online looking for answers to their questions, seeking products designed to make their lives more comfortable.   Included in this universe are web surfers seeking a resolution to a variety of issues related to noise control.   Spaces that are filled with poor quality sound, or too much noise, or a lack of privacy combine to flood the internet with shoppers seeking help.   The results of a web search can leave the shopper unsure how to shop for the right soundproofing company.   So here are 3 tips to help.

Tip #1.   Sound Engineers vs Acoustical Consultants vs Suppliers.

Sound Engineers will carry degrees in acoustics, own costly sound measuring instrumentation, and charge strong fees to come to your project site, generate reports with their sound measuring devices, defining both your acoustic problem and the related solution.   Acoustical Consultants will belong to a society of acoustical consultants that are also degreed in the art of controlling sound, offer similar services to the engineers, and charge handsome fee’s for their knowledge base and expertise. In both cases, these services can prove costly in your quest to lower your noise levels.

The third group is far more popular and a result of the internet.   Page 1 of most of your web searches will feature the suppliers of the products and the treatments you are seeking.   Their advice is free, their knowledge levels are based on servicing tens of thousands of satisfied clients, and they deliver your sound values back for far less than if you activate the Engineer or the Consultant.

Tip #1:   Determine if your noise is simply nuisance, or is it litigation.   If lawsuits are pending, activate the Engineer or the Consultant, it will be worth the price to protect your interests.   But if you are simply trying to lower your exposure levels to noise, reach to the suppliers.   If they are good, they will trigger the same sound values back for you, and for far less cost.

Tip #2: Turnkey vs Products Only

Within the universe of online suppliers for acoustic products, you will find there are more expensive and less expensive options that will both produce to the sound values back you are seeking.   The stronger priced option will be suppliers who want to build a full service turnkey approach to solving your noise issues.   They will want to put people inside your space out ahead of the treatment, then sell you the products that will resolve your noise issues, and then return to install the products for you.   If you want to triple up on your costs, this is the way to do it.   But if you want to limit your costs, control your noise and your pocketbook, then turn down the turnkey approach.   Activate the sound panel supplier you source online that will not come to your project site, and deliver to your doorstep products that are easy for you to self-install.   Turnkey suppliers can literally charge $25,000 for a $4000 project.   Buyer beware.

Tip #2:   Self install your treatment, keep the full turnkey people offsite, and trust in your product supplier’s ability to replicate for you what they have done countless times before you.   You will save a lot of money. Spend it elsewhere.

Tip #3: Paid Ads vs Organic Listings

When you search the internet for a soundproofing company, note that the top 3-4 listings will be paid ads, and the listings directly beneath the ads on page 1 of your search will be organic listings.   It’s important to note the difference.

Suppose for example you type “Soundproof My Cafeteria” into your search box.   What you will get listed first are company’s that have paid the search engine to get listed at the top of page 1.   There will be three or four of them.  These ads can be expensive and those costs passed on to their customers.   These ads can also be posted here by company’s who are new and trying to break into the industry, or are smaller in size, and trying to compete with the more established suppliers, or they may be the best supplier option to treat your loud cafeteria.    The point is, you just don’t know what you’re getting.

However, the organic listings directly below the paid ads are reserved for company’s who offer the best websites and the most pertinent content for soundproofing your cafeteria.   These websites are being rewarded for the quality.  Here, it costs nothing to be listed on page 1 of your search, costs are not passed on to the customer, and these suppliers are typically the most established in the industry.  Organic listings will typically be the safer bet in selecting your supplier, as they are listed on page 1 because the search engine likes how they are presenting their goods and services.

Tip #3: In the world of soundproofing, there are typically 8-10 reputable sound panel suppliers listed organically on page 1 of any search.   Skip the ads and shop the organic listings.

For questions related to your soundproofing needs, reach to our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.

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