Summertime Classroom Soundproofing

While summertime turns our hearts and minds to the warm temperatures, the family vacations, cabins, backyard barbeques, swimming pools and lakeshore life, the teaching community across America will soon begin to gear up for the coming school year.   With budgets defined for the coming year, educators begin to seek opportunities to enrich the learning environment for their kids when they return in the fall.   One such upgrade to a classroom setting is to improve the acoustics within the space.   Poor grades are often the result of poor room acoustics.   When students can’t hear their teacher, they don’t learn, they don’t test well, attendance drops, and federal monies get diverted to schools that do test well.

Investing in premium sound quality for a classroom always plays a key role in the successes enjoyed by both teacher and student. Placing acoustic panels inside a classroom will elevate the performance of the kids, and create a more favorable teaching environment for the instructors.   As background noise is captured and converted by perimeter wall or ceiling mounted sound panel systems, the echoes in the classroom are captured and converted out of the room.   This drops the level of background noise, which in turn restores clarity back to original sound signals, including vocal instruction by the teachers.   When students can hear and understand their teacher, their focus remains in tact, their learning curves elevate, and their test results reflect the more favorable learning environment.

Sound panels are cloth wrapped sound boards that can be custom cut to whatever panel dimension is best suited for your classroom setting based on available wall or ceiling cavity space.   Clips are shipped with the panels that allow you to easily anchor them as you wish, placing them as you wish, throughout the classroom. The key to the success of the sound panel system for your classroom is to ensure that you do not under treat your space.   Room Analysis programs are offered by your sound panel supplier that can help you target appropriate coverage amounts based on the size of the classroom.

The sound panels come in dozens of colors, they are class A fire rated, portable, durable, decorative, and can even double up as bulletin boards.   Classrooms are known for placing their sound panel systems down lower on a perimeter wall surface to allow students to tack up seasonal messaging and artwork.   As the kids pin their projects to the boards, the boards also serve to capture and convert the echoes from your space, cleaning the room acoustically, and delivering premium sound quality to the room.   As a result, students and teachers both reach greater levels of success in a more user-friendly learning environment.

For more information on converting your classroom to more favorable sound quality, reach back to NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355.   They offer a Free Room Analysis of your classroom, and can design a custom sound panel solution to lower your decibel level exposure in the classroom.   These same sound panel systems can also control excessive noise issues in your school’s cafeteria, gymnasium, music room, auditorium, natatorium and hallway settings.   As the summer days pass, and the start up to the new school year looms, give thought to the advantages of investing in premium sound quality for your school and the impact it will have on your student’s learning curve.


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