Soundproofing: References & Results

Due to the advent of the internet, soundproofing company’s can easily be sourced to supply acoustical products and treatments designed to lower exposure levels to noise and create a more favorable and functional use of a space. These sound management programs are easy to replicate by formula.   The size of a space will dictate the coverage amount of sound panel that will be needed in order to effect the desired outcome.   Over and over again, the same acoustic panel treatment renders premium sound values back, so long as the room is not under treated.

As an extension to the ease with which these soundproofing treatments can be properly defined, comes the question as to assurance.   How can a client on the other end of the phone call be certain that the sound panel treatment will perform to task? To what extent will the acoustical supplier stand by their results, and will their same treatment work for me?   The answer to that lies in track records.

Some of the websites inside the sound panel market are slick and showcase their product mix, giving less attention to enacting the outcome the client seeks, or defining the appropriate treatment by product and panel count.   Other soundproofing websites take great care at defining your problem in advance, replicating the starting point, knowing what the acoustical solution will be for the customer, and then introducing the correct product and the correct amount of that product to the new customer.   The assurance that the soundproofing treatment will actually work lies in the history of that company.   It is the testimony of their clients that will afford the new customer the assurance that the results will be triggered.

Case in point are comments from satisfied clients of NetWell Noise Control:

We finished installation last Saturday morning and we’ve had several events since then. Remarkable improvement! Everyone is very pleased with the sound quality now and many think the panels make the space look more modern. Thank you for guiding us.   Robert Williams. Beech Glen Baptist Church.

We got the panels all installed at Our Lady of Lourdes social hall and I’ve had my Girl Scout meeting with 30 girls. Hurray! The panels made a big difference and numerous folks have commented on how nice the sound panels look and what a difference they make with the noise.   Carol Huffman. Our Lady of Lourdes.

So the ceiling panels are up and working great! We loved the product and once we got a system, they went up very easily.   We have hosted one large dinner, one baby shower, one birthday and a weekly dodgeball game after church. The panels work stellar in all situations!   Thank you NetWell Noise Control!   Ryan Schneider Saranac Lake Baptist Church

Thank you to NetWell Noise Control. We are liking the less noise. Everyone now can hear and understand each other. We fill the room with people for luncheons and people nearby can understand each other at the same table.   Thank you for solving our problem. Bless you and your staff. Dale Milligan Twin Oaks Community Church

The acoustical panel market targets multiple industry groups for use of their sound panel systems. These markets include the worship community as testified by these welcome quotes from happy customers, but also into markets that include schools, offices, YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, natatoriums, multi dwelling residential living units, single family homes, and a near limitless list of applications where these acoustical treatments can afford greater control over your noise.   And each treatment targets the same universal sound panel called the Fabric Panel supplied by NetWell Noise Control.

If you are suffering from excessive noise levels, if you seek to make your acoustic space more user friendly, trust the response from these customers, and place your call into NetWell Noise Control.    A complimentary Room Analysis awaits, which will define the scope of your upcoming soundproofing treatment and quote your project for you.   We are just one phone call away at 1-800-638-9355.   And you are just one step away from resolving your noise issues.   We welcome your call and look forward to serving you!   If you have noise, we will fix it, and put you in touch with happy customers who at one time stood in your same shoes.  You do NOT have to live with your noise!

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