Improving Classroom Acoustics

Controlling noise in a loud, reflective classroom is a must for protecting the learning environment of the students and teacher.    The implications for poor room acoustics can be daunting.   The students don’t learn, the teacher is measured by results, grades drop, funding for the school shrinks due to poor productivity, and the cycle continues.   If the classroom is properly treated for premium acoustics, students are in a more favorable learning environment, grades improve, teacher rankings improve, and funding returns to the school district.   Soundproofing a classroom plays a key role in the success of the education process.

Classroom learning environments improve with acoustic soundproofing panels by Netwell Noise Control for soundproofing a classroom.To properly treat a classroom for good quality sound, the room’s size, shape and surface textures must all be taken into account.   These will in turn tell you how much sound panel coverage the room should take, ensuring that you do not under treat the room and leave too much echo behind.  Once the classroom’s acoustics are under control,  the background noise is gone, replaced by clarity to speech.  The students will understand their teacher.  There are a variety of different panel options found online at designed to produce this outcome.

Ceiling Mounted Sound Panels

ceiling mounted sound panels control classroom noiseTwo of the more popular acoustic panel options are the Ceiling Clouds and the FabricTack Panels.   Ceiling Clouds are cloth wrapped panels that float mechanically from the ceiling, allowing the walls to remain as they are.  It is often the case that a classroom has windows, chalk boards, white boards, lockers, and other items obstructing the perimeter wall surfaces.    Placing sound panels in the ceiling will generate just as strong a sound value back.  They can be flush mounted direct to the ceiling, or rigged to “float” off the ceiling to capture and convert the echoes.

Bulletin Board Sound Panels

bulletin boards that serve as sound panels to control classroom noiseFabricTack Panels, on the other hand, are wall mounted panels that also have a rigid membrane benath their cloth surface, which allows the sound panels to double as bulletin boards.  While Ceiling Clouds are typically cut in smaller piece sizes, such as a 3’x4′ panel, the FabricTack panels are typically cut in larger sections, such as a 4′ tall x 10′ long panel designed to be wall mounted for tacking school projects, assignments, art projects, and more on the walls.   The items you tack to the surface will not impede the sound values the panels will produce.

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