How to Soundproof Kennels and Puppy Playlands

Kennel noise is generated by barking dogs and their impact sounds reflecting off all the hard, washable, reflective surfaces our clients find in a kennel environment.   Concrete floors, hard reflective walls, block, brick, metal, washable surfaces that combine to reflect up to 97% of the bark of the dog.   The repercussions of this echo carry throughout the room, forcing excessive exposure to unwelcome noise levels.   The key to soundproofing a kennel is to understand that the acoustical treatment doesn’t make the “dogs” less loud, the treatments make the “room” less loud by capturing and converting the echoes from the space.   You will still hear the dogs bark, but the impact will be greatly reduced because up to 80% of the echo can be converted.

Soundproofing Panels for Loud Dog Kennels

This soundproofing treatment targets the installation of a set of sound panels designed to capture these echoes and convert them out of the room.   They can be wall or ceiling mounted, the key to the success of the soundproofing treatment for a kennel is to ensure that the right product is selected and the right amount of that product is introduced into the space.   We safeguard for our customers to not under-treat, nor over-treat, their kennel space.

VET Acoustic Baffles are hanging sound baffles that control echoes and lower noise in a room

The most popular sound panel for a kennel is a VET Baffle.   These are 2’x4′ baffles that suspend vertically from a ceiling, so long your ceiling height is tall enough to drop baffles down 2’….or they can be suspended vertically around the perimeter walls in the room, keeping them up high on the wall and clear of the dogs.   Or they can flush mount flat to a lower ceiling.   These soundproofing baffles are light weight, class A fire rated, decorative, durable, and easy to self install.   Featured right here online at

Install Sound Panels for Kennel Noise Reduction

Placement of the baffles is regardless so long as the right amount of material is introduced into the space, and the treatment is spread out as best you can.   To calculate the amount of VET Baffles for your kennel space, contact NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 for a free Room Analysis.   And please note, that once the noise levels in the space have collapsed, not only will it sound better to the people in the room, it will also sound better to the dogs.   It will make them more comfortable during their stay, and a more peaceful environment for all.

To soundproof your kennel and reduce your noise levels, call NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355 or visit us online at

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