Soundproofing a Pickleball Court

Noise Reduction for Pickleball Courts:  How-to

Pickleball has become one of America’s leading participation sports programs, entertaining kids from ages 8 to 108.   The increase in the popularity of the sport especially holds true for the senior population, as the activity tends to generate both an enjoyable social environment as well as a good deal of fun and physical fitness for its members.   And while some Pickleball Courts are retrofit into existing tennis courts, many of today’s Pickleball Courts are being constructed just for playing Pickleball.   If the court is indoors, the issue of noise reduction has become a focal point for its participating members.   Loud indoor gym spaces can wreak havoc on our hearing.

So how does one reduce the noise exposure in a Pickleball Court?

The answer lies in controlling the level of echo inside the space.  What the human ear is listening to inside the court is a combination of the original sound and the reflected sound bouncing off the perimeter surfaces in the room.   And with sound waves traveling at nearly 760 miles per hour, the reflected sound cannot be discerned from the original sound by the human ear.   All we humans hear is a single, loud sound.   And the way to lower that, is to introduce sound panels into the Pickleball Court that can effectively capture and convert the echoes out of the room.   By lowering the level of ambient echo, greater clarity is restored to original sound, and lower crowd noise will result.

What sound panels are best for controlling noise in a Pickleball Court?

As with any interior gym space, baffles suspended off the ceiling will typically render the most cost-effective means by which to effectively capture and convert the echoes from the Pickleball Court.   These are called VET Baffles, supplied by a Minneapolis based sound panel company called NetWell Noise Control.   By simply suspended a set of these baffles off the ceiling in the gym space, up to 80% of the echoes in the room can be caught and captured.   This will restore the room to premium sound values, whether the gym is used to host basketball games, volleyball games, gym class, social events, or Pickleball tournaments.

How many sound baffles does a Pickleball Court need?

The sound panel count for a gym space will depend on the size of the gym.   The goal would be to feed the length x width x height to your sound consultant at NetWell, and a complimentary Room Analysis is generated that can help calculate your coverage amounts and quote the project.

VET Acoustic Baffles are hanging sound baffles that control echoes and lower noise in a roomSo how do the sound baffles work, and where should I place them?

If the ceiling of the gym is flat, parallel to the ground, the baffles should evenly divide and space into each of the available cavity spaces between the expose metal joists or concrete coffers.  Simply divide them out, suspend them off the ceiling all in rows and columns stretched out across the expanse of the ceiling.  If your ceiling is vaulted, hang them all end-to-end in rows that are all parallel to the center spline of the ceiling.   Once installed, the VET Baffles will work to collectively capture sound waves and convert them to kinetic energy.  As a result, lower ambient noise is delivered back into the room, while mild levels of heat dissipate unnoticed out of the building.

Will I really notice a lower level of noise in an indoor Pickleball Court?

So long as you don’t under treat the space with your sound baffles, the answer is yes.  Results will vary depending on the size, shape and surface textures of the room, but definitely the sound values will become more favorable.   Again, by taking the echoes away from the room, the crowd noise drops and clarity to voice is restored.   The investment is well worth the effort, as the sport will continue to grow in popularity for years to come.

sound baffles controlling echo off metal roof deckHow do I proceed with soundproofing a Pickleball Court?

Step 1 is to capture the room’s dimensions and them call those in to NetWell Noise Control at 1-800-638-9355.   Their sound consultants are the best, and they will guide you through the process, get your questions answered about soundproofing your Pickleball Court, and quote the project.   Production will then average 4 weeks to build your sound panels and deliver to your doorstep.

For more information on reducing the noise levels in your Pickleball Court or gym space, visit NetWell Noise Control online at   Or call for free advice to 1-800-638-9355.





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