Soundproofing Principles



Welcome to the Academy of Acoustics created by NetWell Noise Control!  The following set of crash-courses are designed to help equip you with the basic knowledge and understanding behind the science of sound.   The material is written in plain terms for a general audience, not for experts in the sound control business.   The principles set forth are industry standards that define today's world of sound proofing and date back to the origins of the sound wave..   As you navigate through the rest of this website, we will refer often back to the information contained here, and encourage you to revisit as often as you like.     


Sound Behavior

To properly diagnose a soundproofing treatment, we start with understanding the characteristics of the sound wave.   Learn how sound travels, how it reflects transmits through common structure.



Sound Measures

Once we understand the basics of the sound wave , discover how the sound is  measured.  Here we discuss Decibels, Hertz and Sabins.





Sound Standards

Learn here about the three standards that are used in the acoustics industry to measure soundproofing results.   These standards include the NRC, the STC and the IIC.





Sound Treatments

While the first three classrooms serve to better define and illustrate the principles of the soundwave, this section lays the groundwork for your specific soundproofing treatment.