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Welcome to NetWell Noise Control's interactive Forum on soundprooofing.   This discussion board is open to all visitors to our website as we encourage clients and prospects to share questions and answers pertaining to their treatments.  Open any of the product categories to the left to join in or start new conversations, or ask questions.   Select from the topics to the right to source articles from our Journal logs posted below.   Questions?   Call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355.

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Drum Noise

Whether a professional drummer in a commercial space, a wanna be drummer in a home studio, or the young child with the brand new drum set, noise is prevalent and will need to be treated.

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Office Noise

Noise transmission is a common challenge faced in multiple inhabitant office environments. Individual office enclosures commonly consist of thin walls or a practical arrangement of partitions, neglecting to provide privacy among workers. A practical arrangement for space efficiency is not always the most effective for

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Restaurant Noise

A great restaurant provides an escape where guests can relax and savor their favorite meals while socializing with loved ones. Customers repeatedly patronize restaurants which offer consistently excellent service, quality cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere. The presence of numerous dining establishments makes the

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Common Walls

Preventing noise bleed through a common wall is the goal of one of the most frequently sought soundproofing endeavors. The issue of unwanted noise transmission through common walls occurs in the same way whether the application is residential, industrial or commercial. To implement the sound reduction

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