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Solving Gym Noise

Gymnasium's are typically oversized shoe-box shaped rooms defined by hard reflective ceilings, floors and walls.   The result is a less than user-friendly space, as echoes carry throughout the room causing spikes in decibel levels and blurred sound signals that ruin the space and it's ability to host functions.   The answer?   Slow the echoes down, and the room will restore to premium quality sound.

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Blocking Common Wall Noise

The studs in your wall are the equal to a string pulled tight between two coffee cans.   Vibrations will carry through the studs to the adjoining room and deliver air born noise.  To properly combat sound bleed through your wall, you have two goals.  First, add density to the wall, this will impede vibration.  Much like placing the flat of your hand against a wine glass, guitar string or tuning fork.   If the object can't vibrate, it won't produce sound.   And second, disconnect (cut the string) the wall

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Onsite Acoustical Consulting

Controlling noise levels within a room does NOT require onsite experts in the field of soundproofing.   The mere size, shape and surface textures that make up the room can easily help calculate for the trained expert what is called a Sabin count.   Yes, that's a technical term, but not to worry.   It's measuring the level of absorption taking place in the space, and defining the level of additional absorption that the space needs in order to collapse your background noise back to more comfortable levels.   95% of all acoustical projects are dealing with nothing more than nuisance noise, and this process can easily define both the starting point and

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The Two Second Rule in Acoustics

Take any restaurant, sanctuary, classroom, fellowship hall, band room, conference room or recording studio.  Stand in the center of the room and clap your hands.   If the room is properly treated for acoustics, the background sound wave reflections will bounce off perimeter surfaces and die off within two seconds.   Two seconds is the threshold level for human ear.    Sound wave reflections that die off within two seconds produce greater clarity to original sound.  The room is user friendly with premium sound quality.

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Solving Noise & Saving Money

Rooms that fill with excessive echoes include restaurants, gymnasium, sanctuaries, fellowship halls, daycare centers, cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, offices, conference rooms, band rooms, and more.   The echoes from noise reflecting off perimeter surfaces in the room combine to build unwelcome levels of background noise.   As a result, the room is unfriendly, and often times un-useable.   To offset the echoes, and return the room to premium sound quality, a set of sound panels can be surface mounted within the room.   These panels will capture and convert the echoes out of the space, delivering premium sound back to the room.

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